our story.

Mink is the online mecca for fabulous photo cards and seriously hip stationery.  We create hip cards for all of life’s happy moments including birth announcements, shower invitations, save the dates, wedding invitations, birthday invitations, holidays and more.

Truth be told, few moments are more fabulous to you than the bold step of becoming husband and wife, the blissful birth of your baby, or even the 10th anniversary of your 29th birthday. Capturing those moments should be, in your eyes, perfection. That’s why each Mink card is 100% custom designed. LOVE!

meet melody.

Melody is the founding guru and passionate perfectionist behind Mink.  If you’ve ever wondered, “how does Mink work?” - Melody is how.  

Mink is a labor of love born out of Melody’s deep desire to create.   Each year Melody would search endlessly for the perfect card in the perfect color, only to drown in frustration that she was limited by a lack of choices.  Driven by the need to express herself, Melody ventured to create her own cards.  Realizing she couldn’t possibly be the only passionate perfectionist in the world, Melody created Mink. 

Mink first debuted on Etsy in 2010 and the response was extraordinary, with over 130 orders in the first 2 months.  With a little blood, sweat and tears, to our wonder and delight, minkcards.com was launched in November 2011.

how it works.

So how does this work you ask?  At Mink, a professional design guru will personally craft your undeniably hip card from start to finish.  We offer a ton of hot hues and an insane range of options - the possibilities are endless and no two cards are ever alike.  In case decisions leave you feeling dazed and confused, don’t fret.  We’ve got your back.

At Mink, we believe it’s important to take time to ooh and aah life’s fabulous moments with a dazzling keepsake you can treasure for years to come.  If you have yet to discover the fabulousness of Mink, you should.  Really.